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Body Language in Interview

How important is body language in an interview

Most candidates think that employers are focused only on their answers to the questions. But the reality is the interviewers try to understand the interviewee better through his answers as well as the body language. Your posture, eye contact, and gestures can emphasize on what are you saying and convince the employer with your veracity.

For instance, an introvert person tries to convince you that he relishes public speaking and interacting with multiple people. Would he or she able to convince you? Furthermore, body language displays different shades of your personality.

So let’s discuss some of the points you have to consider while attending an interview


You probably would have heard that the world appears brighter behind a beautiful smile! So the interview will also go great with a smile!

Generally, people like a smiling face than a nervous one. Being too much worried about your answers and focusing on choosing words, will let you forget to relax and smile. You should display that you are energetic about joining the team and you are a great person to work with.

Eye contact

In a job interview, the eyes are the sole way to know your soul. Recruiters are seeking unspoken clues in your body language, face, and eyes. Looking away implies that you are untrustworthy or evasive. On the other hand, staring shows that you are weird or aggressive. Try to keep the eye contact by showing attention to whatever is said, throughout the interview.


The way in which you represent yourself will either break or make your chance to get through the interview. Enter in an interview with your shoulders back and head high. This will put you ahead of the other guy who entered the room while staring at the shoes.

You should maintain your posture while sitting too. Sitting with a straight back and not resting on the side of the chair will provide the interviewer with a great impression that you are attentive and listening.


Your hand or arms positioning and movement can display whether you are confident or nervous. The fundamental rule of this is to put the hands in your lap or mildly clasped on table. Some of the positioning of hand or arms that you should avert includes touching nose (this indicates that you are not sincere) and fiddling you hair or face (this show that you are anxious or nervous) etc.


Naturally, a handshake comes whenever you meet a person but truly, it is more than a gesture. It is the initial step to develop a bond with someone and creating a new trust level. This can fix the tone for rest interview, so that is the reason you should pay heed to it. You have to wait till the interviewer take initiative and offer a handshake. You should shake hands both firmly and warmly while maintaining eye contact.

Hopefully, the above guide makes you aware of the importance of body language in an interview.