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Group Discussion - Tips

Do’s and Don’ts of a Group discussion (GD)

If you get an opportunity to become a part of GD, you certainly know that GD is an activity where individuals group up and put their viewpoint on a specific topic. GD is also pivotal to get final selection in various examinations such as medical, management, armed forces, and engineering.

Before participating in a GD, multiple questions come across your mind. If you really want to know what gestures and actions can fetch you positive points, here are some do’s and don’ts of taking part in GD.


Wear formal dress

Dressing helps in making the first impression and in determining your personality, so do take it seriously. You should wear smart formals. This will improve your confidence and make you comfortable when you speak in a group. Body language and positive gestures make your task easier.

Appropriate behavior

It is certainly the most important part. You need to be positive, not submissive or aggressive. Explain your viewpoint by all possible means. If you do not concord with anyone, ensure to show your disagreement appropriately. Avert using expressions like that is false, how stupid and you are lying etc. Always confer respect towards the other person’s viewpoint and you can express your disagreement by saying that ‘ I do not concord with your viewpoint’, ‘I have somewhat another take on this point’ etc.

Allow other people to speak

You should not interrupt other people when he is explaining his point of view. If you do not agree with their ideas and views, do not seize their chance of speaking. Instead of that, make notes mentally and use them when it’s your turn. It indicates that you are mindful about the opinion of other people.


Don’t be in a hurry

No doubt, starting a GD is a great plus point. But it turns out in your favor only when you completely understand the topic. If you are not certain about what the topic is, take your time before starting and take hints from others. It will assist you to sound good when you bring out your skills.

Don’t lose your temper

In GD, you are with the individuals about whom you know nothing. Be active to sound respectful and avert anything which may sound bad to other people. Sometimes, other speakers may sound aggressive. But you don’t have to take it personally. Be objective, calm and explain your objections with respect in all circumstances.

Don’t speak randomly

You should not start explaining your viewpoint without any structure or plan. This might give a bad impression to the panel experts when you are just speaking and are not adding any value to the discussion. So, you should speak with a clear perspective and do not demonstrate a poor show of confused words.

There are the few fundamental things you should have in mind when you start preparing for a GD. Your presentation skills, body language, and communication skills are all measured in a group discussion. So, prepare well in advance.