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How to approach an HR

How to approach an HR to consolidate your selection

Probably this is the question which intimidates most of the job seekers. On an average, the recruiters might answer about dozen calls per day from the job hunting candidates. The common thing is that most of them do not know how to approach an HR for the job.

Wowing the employer is most vital because if it fails, you are not going to get the opportunity to dazzle the recruiter with your extraordinary skills at all.

Here is the basic guidance that proves beneficial to you when you approach an HR:

At what time you should call

If you are browsing in the early morning or late evening and you see a job posting that matches your skills and experience, don’t just pounce on the phone because you notice a phone number. Some people have the bad habit of calling at the wrong time and asking “Is it the correct time to have a conversation with you”, knowing it is not.

Like you, consultants have to drop their children at school, socialize, drive to work, eat, sleep etc. If you call at the wrong time, they might not respond properly and won’t be able to remember you later. So, the right time to seek their attention is during the office hours when they are more mentally prepared to react and answer suitably.

From which place you should call

It cannot be understood why people on earth call consultants from a location where they are not heard by the recruiter. People call consultants standing in the center of the road, with the kids screaming in the background, sitting in some vehicle and so on. Obviously, you are calling to be heard. So please choose a calm place where you can discuss in private, so the world does not know that you are seeking a job.

Sending resume

E-mailing to the consultant is a great opportunity to catch his attention. Half of the emails they got with are just a word file attachment with a one-line statement- such as resume is attached. Some candidates even forward an e-mail sent to some other recruiter where the trial email shows that it has been sent to 5 others also. This is considered as really bad.

 Recruiters prefer the mail where the candidate has written a perfect content for the requirement.

Strategize your communication

Is there any vacancy in your company? Many times this is the first question which usually job seekers ask from the consultant. You should not ask this question as soon as your call gets answered. Before calling a consultant, do take some time and plan what you have to say.

 You should maintain some fundamental telephone etiquette firstly by introducing yourself. When elaborating your experience don’t say like I have experience of 6 years. Instead of this, expand it for instance, by saying 6 years as Asst. technical manager in the manufacturing segment, payroll, statutory compliance etc. This saves the time taken to quiz you about your skills.

The biggest perk of providing your synopsis is that you might have landed in the perfect time as he is currently seeking for the identical skills which you have.

Certainly, the above guide turns out in your favor and you land to your dream job!