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How to write a Good Resume

Are you looking for tips on writing a good resume? 

Whether you try it on your own or take help of professional writing services, it is vital to take a bit of time to rewrite your resume. It is quite arduous to come by a good resume in the end. It takes a lot of efforts and thoughts and some candidates may even need professional help. Good resume art has been changed and evolved over the last few years. Different patterns of formatting and writing have come till now. Here are a few tips that will help you to follow the winning path.

Contact information

No doubt this section is patent, but there are still some factors that you need to consider. For instance, how will you write your name? Are you planning to use full name or nickname for the job? Whichever you prefer, ensure that you mention your name consistently on all your personal materials of branding such as your online portfolio, business cards, LinkedIn profile or blog.

Sample descriptions of job

When you write a perfect resume, it should be customized to aid your specific career goal. One of the efficient ways to assure your resume is well positioned is to recognize sample descriptions of job that you are qualified and responsive to perform. Search online and gather some job postings that show the kind of position you are focusing on. Copy and paste the description into Google or word document and then bold or underline any desirable skills and requirements you possess. This helps you to observe what qualifications should be displayed in the resume.

Technical proficiencies and skills

Mention all of the technical tools and platforms you are proficient at. These include everything from project management to social media platforms and computer languages. Be explicit and as inclusive as possible when defining your skills.

Volunteer work

Have you been volunteering for any non-profitable organization?  Volunteering based on skills is an excellent way to fill the gap of employment. Do mention your volunteer work that is related to your latest job goals in sequential order, starting with your last work. If you are a fresher in the workforce, include clubs or any of the campus activities in which you have participated.

Keep it precise

The traditional rule about a resume is that it never exceeds one page. However, this is not a truth anymore. If your details fit on a single page, that will be good. But after working for a while, your resume possibly requires a second page. A three page or more resume is never an acceptable one.

Mention keywords

It is a bitter truth that resumes are not given a single glance in many cases. Sometimes they are scanned by someone who is not a hiring professional or by a machine. What they are looking for is phrases or keywords that suit their criteria of hiring. If you are not sure of what keywords you should mention, go through the description of the desired job.

You should visit the websites of targeted companies and there you will find a few phrases and words. The ones which come again and again are called keywords. Use those keywords in your resume to make it simple for the scanner to notice what is necessary.

To create a good resume is more of a balancing act. You have to exhibit some personality but ensure that you should not come across as an unprofessional. Hopefully, the above spelled out tips will help you in standing out from the masses.