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Job Interview Q & A

Interview-  Most sought out Questions and Answers

Are you geared up to ace your next job interview? It is vital to be prepared to answer the questions effectively that recruiters typically ask. Since these questions are common, employers will expect that you answer them without any hesitation.

You don’t have to memorize the answers, but keep the answer ideas in mind while answering. Your answers will be better if you prepare before the interview time, know what can be asked during an interview and have an idea of what you have to aim to perform well in the interview. Even if you don’t remember the specifics of answer you prepared, it helps to get a boost in your confidence for sure and assists in minimizing the stress of the interview.

Have a look at the below-mentioned questions

Tell me something about yourself?

This question is mostly asked at the beginning of the interview. It is the opportunity to give a great pitch that provides the employer a quick idea of you. If used wisely, this great pitch makes the recruiter very interested in your next answer. If used incorrectly, the hiring manager may stop giving attention even before he asks the second question.

What is your biggest strength?

This is the common question which recruiters always ask. Because it is vital to discuss attributes that set you apart from all the other candidates and qualifies you for the particular job. Take some time before the interview to create matches between the requirements and your qualification. In this way, you have all the examples ready to show your suitability for the job.

What is your biggest weak point?

You have to choose theoretical weakness and transform that weakness into a strong point in disguise. For instance- my great weakness is getting too much absorbed in work that I lose time track. Every day when I look up and notice that everyone is gone. I know I should be aware of time, but when I like the work, I just get engrossed in that.

 A good way is to select the real weakness, but the one you are working on to get better.

Why do you need this job?

The question provides you with an opportunity to tell the employer what you know about the company and the job, so take some time to research about the company, its services or products, company mission, and culture. Be particular about what skills make you an ideal fit for the role, and specify aspects of the position and company that fascinates you most.

Why do you leave your previous job?

Don’t talk about how tough was your previous boss or how you are not able to get along with the other employees. You should not bad mouth your previous company.

Instead of all this, focus on positive things. Tell them about what you aim to achieve and what you are eager to learn. Tell about the ways you like to grow and about the things you like to accomplish. You can explain how this move will be great for their company.

We hope that the above questions provide you a great help and boost your confidence to face your upcoming interview.