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Resume - Important Tips

What recruiters look for in your Resume?

As a job hunter, you are struggling to get a job in the depressed market and probably have applied at dozen places. But before you further continue your job search, take some time to think about the piece of paper that you are submitting with every job application. That’s correct, we are talking about the resume.

To stand any chance of getting into the stage of an interview, your resume should hook the employer within seconds. Hiring managers and recruiters receive a huge pile of applications for a single position and have very less time to scan the resumes. So, these are the few basic things that a hiring manager looks for in your resume:

Appropriate language

Don’t forget to mention important keywords in your resume. For this, scan the description of the job and ensure your language mirrors to it. It will create a bond in reader’s mind between the job requirements and you. You should have to articulate your skills without using complex terminology or too much company oriented jargon.


Make sure to highlight the important certificates of education, specifically when they are mentioned as essential in the criteria of selection. Once you mention all the details correct, your resume will look better and grab the attention of the recruiter more effectively.

Relevant skills

It touches upon the relevance of modifying your resume according to the role. Try to mention and emphasize the skills that somehow relate to the desired job. Remember that you have to sell yourself as the ideal one for the opportunity. Have a look at the advert of job and ensure that your experience and skills show that you mark all boxes.

If your resume is long, you can edit some responsibilities and skills which are not relevant. You should not go into deep detail of your past roles which are an entirely different industry.


When a recruiter looks at a resume, firstly he observes if the resume is well formatted and organized. If he is not able to read the resume easily, he won’t be likely to look at it for long.

A resume should be simple to follow, as the recruiters have not much time to decipher the qualifications. The consistent and simple formatting helps surely.

Spelling mistakes and grammar errors

Poor grammar and spelling may raise questions on your skills and capabilities.  A well polished, errorless resume shows that you do your work thoroughly, have great attention for detail and a good intelligence level. The solution to this is to proofread the resume before you forward it to recruiters. Even better if you get someone else to proofread your resume.

As everyone knows that finding a job is never an easy task, so following the above guide surely aids you in making a resume that will impress the recruiter and probably you will end up landing your desired job.