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Tips to get an Interview Call

Some tips to follow which will surely get you a call for the interview

For most of us, submitting an application of job and not getting any response from the recruiter is worse than the outright rejection of our applications. During searching of a job, confidence is so weak that job seekers jump to the bad conclusion immediately.

Hunting a job is not at all an easy task. You have to put all your resources and efforts. But what you will feel if, after all the efforts, you do not get any call for the interview? Here are some tips that may help all the job seekers:

See yourself in the mirror

Not actually, of course. But you have to notice how you are portraying yourself before the experienced employers. Is your CV full of important information, error-free and updated? Though the basics of your CV have not altered much in the last 10 years, it is vital to check out on what basis your friends or colleagues found work.

You should mention a precise strong statement to open your CV or you can add a personal section of interests at the bottom- at least it gives a point of talking during an interview. Mention both soft and hard skills of yours. Hard skills include adaptability, communication skills and decision making ability while soft skills include computer skills. Do not forget to keep your online LinkedIn profile updated.

Refine your search

Start a job search with full focus. You should not apply for any other job, this will result only in disappointment. Create a list of companies you would like to work with. Do complete research on your end. What are their strong points?  What is perturbing them and their industry? Connect with HR representatives and hiring managers on online platforms such as Facebook. You can engage an employer to provide you with helping hand- they may give you some tips to polish your resume.

Find your USP

What a USP is? It is a unique selling point of yours. This is what makes you peculiar from everyone else. It is vital when a recruiter receives numerous applications. If you are not sure of your USP, then try asking colleagues and friends. Is there anything in you preferably linked to work that helps you to stand out among others. Find out what it is and make your brand all around it. It can be a theme that runs through your CV, cover letter and your responses in the interview.

Have a glance at career goals

Where do you look up to yourself in upcoming years? What do you expect from your job? These are hard questions which we all avert answering but without the answers, you might go on the path which is not correct for you. Have an overview of yourself and also the industry. What are the major deviations? So career mapping is another important thing to put your dreams in order. If you don’t bother where are you going, why would others?

Follow the aforementioned tricks and you will certainly get a call for the interview.