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Video Interview - Tips

Video Conference Interview- Tips and Tricks

In today’s environment of job searching, technology ironically makes it both easy and difficult to get your dream job. Due to the advanced communication technology, job hunters can now give an interview for the desired job halfway across the world or country i.e. from their home.

But all the comfort is not without the drawbacks. If you ever have participated in a video interview, the first word that strikes your mind is probably “strange”. Lost signals, delays, weird eye contact are the rules, no exceptions. Despite all this, the convenience and cost savings will certain that video conferencing is here to go further.

Here are some tips and tricks for video conferencing interview that helps to avert awkwardness and to stand out during the interview:

Look professional

If you are not meeting personally that does not indicate you should overlook your appearance. You should target to persuade your recruiter with proper grooming and attire.

And, your décor and surroundings should show your professional outlook. So, search a clean place far from heaps of laundry and showcase of cheap porcelain clowns etc. Anything that can endanger your first impression should be placed out of sight.

Eye contact and angle are important

Where do you have to see during the video conference interview? It is the common action most people have. If you don’t know how to do video chat, it is quite obvious you are rejected at first. Though you may not feel natural initially, you have to speak to the camera, not screen.

Position your camera always at the level of the eye, not below or above you. Because the angle is really critical. If you are looking down at the camera, you may look down at the recruiter and he may feel subservient. This is the main psychology behind this, so ensure your camera is at the right angle.

Always double check internet connection, video, and audio

It is pivotal to check audio and video to make sure that everything is running properly. Just that it worked properly a month ago, that does not ensure it is going to work today. You don’t want to face the embarrassment of technical problem before the potential employer.

A wireless connection which is stable is vital, so select a location where your spotty connection does not interrupt your video.

Control nervous energies and fidgeting

Everyone has some twitches or nervous tics – this is normal. But during an interview, you really have to make strong efforts to be mindful. This is the reason, it is recommended to record yourself many times before the interview to look at what you are doing and become attentive to note your gestures.

 Some behaviors and gestures which are fine in general can be annoying on video. It may be twirling hair, touching face, animated movements of the hand and tapping fingers.

The common verbal nervous tic may be saying- “like” or “uh-huh” again and again. These are some habits, you may not know. So seeing yourself on camera can be an eye-opener.

We are assured that the above tips and tricks surely assist you in your upcoming video conference interview.