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Why should we hire you?

Among many proficient candidates “Why should we hire you”? The key question answered!

At one point of your career, you are surely going to be asked -“Among numerous of proficient candidates, why we should hire you”?

No doubt it is offensive and absurd, but it is the standard question that interviewers ask, so we can’t reproach them for asking it.

Surely the question is ludicrous but there is no crude way to answer- Why they should employ you over other candidates. They understand their work inside out and you don’t.

The worst way this question is answered is by saying “I am diligent and smart and I need the job”. Every other candidate would say that! You have to change the script and that is the sole way to stay in the mind of your interviewer. Here is the way to answer this simple, yet tricky question.

Interviewer:  Among numerous competent candidates, why should we hire you?

You: That is a nice question! You surely have the benefit over me, since you exactly know what you are hunting for and I just know about your prestigious company. It seems that you want someone who deals with issues X, Y and Z in the first five months on job. Shall I inform you what issues I handled at my previous job?

Let us find out one more perfect answer!

Interviewer: Among numerous competent candidates, why should we hire you?

You: I think this is a pivotal question. Am I perfect to join team of yours, and is this the most suitable occupation for me? We have discussed about your plans of growth for the next year and the accordance between the role you want to fill and my background. We have already discussed about my experience in management and in developing tools of software. What else should I disclose to you that we haven’t talked till now?

Here are some tips that you may follow while answering such type of questions

Understand the assiduous nature of this question

Even with full research on the company, you probably never understand how you are stacked up against all other candidates. Relying on hiring manager’s openness, you may not get actual insight into the problems that the business is encountering. So it is tough to be peculiar about why you are a perfect match for the job than all other candidates. We suggest you to be ingenuous about that.

Avert clichés

Usage of phrases or trite words to articulate your importance is the biggest mistake that job seekers make. You are not able to create any impact on hiring managers with your novelty if you use lines they have already heard. Don’t just say “Sign me because I am self motivated or hard working”.

Aim on the needs of employer

Although the question appears like that the aim is on your wants and you, it is actually not. No doubt, your individual career aims are pivotal but this question is a chance to elaborate how much value you can bring to the company. For preparation, research on everything about the agenda of business – read its quarterly reports, website, press releases and social media. What are their future plans? What are their goals? How can your skills help them getting there?

We expect all the above mentioned tips work in your favor while answering this question. And now you more likely to crack the interview and get you dream job!